House of Hustle is a sports training facility that is family owned and operated since 2014. In August 2017, House of Hustle relocated to North Fort Worth.  


Athletes are challenged both physically and mentally to push through stopping points. As a by product, we engrain the importance of hard work, character and respect in everything that they do. Trainers genuinely care about athletes and strive to motivate each athlete through consistency and effort to reach their full potential. 

House of Hustle Trainers stay abreast with basketball skills and Vertimax Sports training concepts from a network of coaches and trainers by attending  coach academies, workshops, webinars and accreditation courses to better train athletes.

The core of HOUSE OF HUSTLE is our outstanding team, who are determined to help you succeed. We’re dedicated to the improvement and advancement of all athletes. 


"Awesome establishment! My child has been attending for 3 years for basketball fundamentals, skills and development and the results are fabulous. Great instructors who genuinely care and are people friendly especially with kids..."

"Dominic and the Vertimax system have been a great find. He has worked with our daughter for about 3 months. Her jumps, agility, flexibility and strength have improved dramatically. Dominic is a positive and knowledgeable force in our daughter’s athletic growth."

"... Coach Gina was excellent, very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend house of hustle for any age..."